Manure Analysis Proficiency Program

The Manure Analysis Proficiency Program is operated at CLC Ag & Energy Center. It was previously run through the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, after the retirement of Jerry Floren it was moved to Central Lakes College Ag & Energy Center.

The MAP Program mixes six different homogeneous samples that are replicated three times and two sample sets are shipped out throughout the year. Once each sample is prepared and bottled, then these are packaged and shipped to labs across the nation and even internationally into Canada. There is
approximately 70 different labs that receive these samples. The labs process the samples and send their results back to personnel at the CLC Ag Center. The results are analyzed with statistical software that generates reports that evaluate labs for precision and accuracy. The results are then sent to the MDA, which certify the best performing labs for manure testing. This certification makes it easier for clients to find qualified laboratories and gives them more confidence in the lab results they receive.

For more information on the Manure Analysis Proficiency Program please contact Todd Pollema at